Energetic rock music with synthetic sounds, dreamy atmospheres and riffs that encourage movement. We take the listener on a journey to powerful melodies and kidnap them into a world full of emotions and passion.

Marco Künzler
Livio Bürge
Electric Guitar
Yvan Stagoll
Electric Bass
Flavio Gonzo

Saltem Q is like a journey. You leave the harbor by ship and conquer the wide sea. We speak of worlds that we do not know. Heavy and eternal, the deep sound of the foghorn echoes in the twilight. In colorful Sunday clothes – yellow, green, blue and red and all other splendid colors – the guests slowly make their way out of their comfortable cabins on deck and await the warmth of the first rays of sunshine on their faces. Our ship calmly moves towards the horizon until it gradually disappears as a lonely point in eternity.