Energetic rock music with synthetic sounds, dreamy atmospheres and riffs that encourage movement. We take the listener on a journey to powerful melodies and kidnap them into a world full of emotions and passion.

Saltem Q is like a journey, you leave the harbor by ship and conquer the wide sea – a four-person group with a rehearsal location in Winterthur, where the name means at least four.

Marco Künzler
Livio Bürge
Electric Guitar
Yvan Stagoll
Electric Bass
Flavio Gonzo

In the beginning there was sound – songs packed with emotions. It shows people’s greed and how it is causing our planet to bleed. This is achieved in a dark psychedelic rock manner. They let the audience feel the passion behind it at all times. No matter whether it’s spherical journeys where you can mentally sink into it or riffs that encourage you to bang your head, the synthesizer is always there and shapes the sound. In other songs, sax and vocoder take influence and have the topic of leaving our planet for another. Take off with the band and let yourself go! They sing about social issues, such as the brutal disaster that the wars on our planet bring to the population. The suffering of the animals due to the loss of their habitat or the worker who ends up exhausted on the sofa in the evening. Saltem Q is not a political band, but it does point out grievances. They have hope that humanity will be saved from destruction.